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 The Current Value Of Our Virtual Coin is 1 Coin = 0.1 USD

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Current Balance: Virtual Coins Withdraw Money

We have developed our own online virtual crypto currency system which will benefit everyone you can earn free coins by doing various thing on our website write below is the detail

Earning Free Coins:

When user registers in the site reward: 10 coins

When user logs in (assigned no more than once per day) reward: 1 coin

When user publishes a post (or post is approved) reward: 2 coins

When user posts a comment reward: 3 coins

Exchange Your Social Point with Our Virtual Coin Currency:

There are tons of way to earn social points and You can exchange your social points with our virtual coin currency write below is the procedure 

10 virtual coin for 100 points means if you have 100 points in your Salvage Mind social profile you can exchange.

To complete the exchange process you need to contact website Admin: https://salvagemind.com/welcome-social-network/admin/

This is how you can earn free coins and exchange to buy our products you can also buy coins from the write below packages.

20000 of coins for USD150.00

50000 of coins for USD300.00

100000 of coins for USD500.00

1000000000 of coins for USD10000.00



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